MSR Tent Stake Hammer Review


Far better than pounding tent stakes down into hard ground with a rock, the MSR Tent Stake Hammer is made with a hardened stainless-steel head and aluminum handle, and is balanced to provide an easy but powerful swing.  At only 11 ounces (312 g), this tool is a great option for camping or short backpacking trips.


The claws on the back of the hammer work great for removing stakes from the hard ground.


The MSR Tent Stake Hammer not only works well for driving stakes, but also for removing stakes from the hard ground, which can sometimes be a challenge without the right tool.  This handy tool will certainly save time and energy, while helping you to leave no trace by not disturbing rocks in the area.  The bottom of the head is designed to work as bottle opener as well.  The MSR Tent Stake Hammer is $30, which is an amazing bargain for this great piece of equipment.


The loop at the bottom of the handle is nice for hanging the hammer when not in use.



Disclosure: The author purchased this hammer with his own funds.


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